Duchess by

Ria Sunn

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Joined in Jan 2009

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15 days ago
Pros: Ria is very beautiful and has a fabulous figure and once again the whole show is saved by clip#11. Cons: There's just one XXX scene where the first 3 minutes are wasted sucking a piece of plastic, closely followed by her trying to mount the thing as it refuses to stick to the floor and I'm not in the least surprised, as can be clearly seen the underside of her feet and therefore the floor are filthy. Obviously the scene becomes a joke, she completely "dries up" and is about as erotic as afternoon tea with the Vicar. Totem this lovely Lady deserves better than this!!
Joined in Dec 2017

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14 days ago
Joined in Oct 2009

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14 days ago
Standing ovation for Ria Sunn~Duchess, a sensual

mesmeritic xxx complement to her other work here.

Happily dispositioned Ria keeps her motor idling

throughout, extending to RFN edging at her own pace,

and culminating wave-like in some wonderful climaxes.

Extended frontal pussyplay & G-spot oriented dildo

work without obstructing that beautiful clito & vulva.

Front & backwards swings are both barefoot clips.

At no time did I feel Ria was being forced to complete

some req list of tasks..truely a card to savor 5+^90
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