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Mary Rock

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Joined in Nov 2018

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10 days ago
It was amazing!

I wish she could speak a little bit more.
Joined in Jul 2012

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May 2, 2018
For me this is an almost perfect example of a new style XXX card. Mary is beautiful, the costume i sexy and the performance excellent during all of its various stages.

In the non-XXX parts of the card Mary first gives us a good, langid, seductive and above all teasing striptease act. This continues into the nude dancing phase which in so many cards tends to lack variety, but not in this one

The high heels seem not to affect her dancing ability at all.

For the XXX parts Mary again performs well with a nicely varied act using both fingers and a toy.
Joined in Feb 2017

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October 9, 2018
this young lady is what this site should be about show casing your talents & this young lady has telent in spades to denign her a take2 & 3 would be disappointing to say the leased
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