True Romance by

Quinn Lindemann

 4.8 (87 votes)

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Joined in Mar 2008

133 comment(s)
20 hours ago
Even though there was only 2 XXX clips this was a fine show by Quinn.

She certainly seemed to be enjoying herself. In the first XXX clip, using her fingers only, she got herself so hard I thought she was going to turn inside out.

It was the same thing in the 2nd XXX clip except this time she used a vibrator both on her clit & inside her.

Believe me when she comes you will know it.

The other 11 clips were a mixture of standing & table with some pantyless upskirt.
Joined in Jan 2015

163 comment(s)
15 days ago
Quinn and Leia are by far the best of the new girls, they both have everything you could want, gorgeously cute stunning faces, great hair, great bodies and superb sultry moves too. I would gladly buy every card of both these girls, especially if they keep their shoes on to show off their great stunning legs, of which Quinn so superbly does do. Fantastic awesome girl and I look forward to much more cards of her PLEASE !!
Joined in Jul 2017

2 comment(s)
25 days ago
Always amazing. Such a gorgeous girl and killer moves. Love this outfit, too.
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