In to the Fox Den by

Chrissy Fox

 4.22 (63 votes)

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Joined in Jul 2012

16 comment(s)
14 days ago
Fantastica come sempre.La mia peferita.Spero di verdla cavalcare il dildo presto
Joined in Nov 2010

22 comment(s)
13 days ago
Everything that a stripper should be - buxom, cheeky and dirty. Another 5* show from Chrissy, with perfect engagement with the camera and playful dance moves. Just a couple of xxx clips, which are long enough to satisfy those who want this kind of show, but which you can turn off and still enjoy a fun striptease. Worth the credits, even if you're not a fan of xxx.
Joined in Aug 2010

39 comment(s)
14 days ago
Nice body, great outfit, very attractive, and the right amount of energy. I'll take her
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