The Proposition by

Chrissy Fox

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February 20, 2018
times have changed ladies and gentelmen. you want to get guys to buy your cars. get legs like this bitch.. nice thick muscular toned legs that i love and mini dress in this card....but i love booty shorts and her best outfit with the shorts is ruined with the fishnet stockings....LADIES - IF YOU HAVE THICKER TONED LEGS, YES, YOU WILL GET PURCHASED BY THE MAJORITY OF GUYS THAT HAVE THIS AMAZING PROGRAM ISTRIPPER, even nore than the skinny bithces. BUT IF YOU HAVE LEGS LIIE MY GIRL CHRISSY FOX, MELISSA, TANIA R, HENNSEY, UMA JOLIE, ARMINA, VIOLA, ALEXES THOMAS, KIARA LORD, SYBIL, NIEMIRA, CARA MELL, KEISHA GREY, ESTONIA, ALINA N, JENNA SATIVA, ADRIANA CHECHIK, VENESSA MIO, TAYLOR SANDS AND NEKANE AND MANY MORE I PROBALY FORGOT ABOUT -

RULE # 1:







RULE #2 (especially for you skinny bitches)






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January 23
This is a fabulous show from the brown-eyed, slightly overweight Chrissy Fox.

Of the 12 clips 5 of them were XXX, 2 standing & 3 on the table. The first 2 clips were warm-up with a little finger work in the first standing clip, even more in the first table clip & then she really got down to business. With only her fingers in the second table clip she had what can only be described as a massive orgasm. In the last table clip she used a big, pink vibrator & had another massive orgasm; believe me when this woman comes you will know.

In the final clip she is back on her feet & shows how good her pussy looks standing up.
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February 10, 2018
YES! I've been waiting for Chrissy's next card. This is my kind of woman! She is hella sexy, curvy in the right places, energetic and just exciting watching her. I'm about to hit 300 hundred cards and rarely will I collect all of the model's cards. Nekane? I have all of them. If Chrissy has more cards coming for us, I plan to buy them all. Oh, the things I would love to do with and to C. Fox!
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