Forget Me Not by

Alyssia Kent

 4.67 (212 votes)

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January 13
Superb card, stunning girl.


Not to criticize your comment, but in my opinion it is actually a great idea to make "balanced" cards which include a little bit of everything (like this card).

This way the problem of someone wanting 'that card' but not getting it (or regretting having bought it) 'because it does not include' their favorite type of content is completely resolved.

Personally, my favorite type of content is 'standing' and 'pole dancing' and if every card contained just a couple of pole dancing and/or standing clips I would be very happy and I would not mind disabling the rest of the clips if need be.

It is very regrettable that the vast majority of XXX cards do not have *any* standing or pole dancing clips at all... and I have regretted purchasing a good number of such XXX cards.
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January 13
One of the hottest girls i've seen in a while. I think the balance of the xxx to non-xxx clips is perfect, with lots of stripping and pole work, before getting to the nasty stuff. Keep her coming
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January 13

I think you have made many salient points. As one going through a love/hate phase with the site, my comments were more emotive than I intended. So, if anything, my apologies for not counting to 10 before I wrote. :)

My ire arose from the third XXX in a row. THEN I saw that EVERY OTHER card on the carousel was non-XXX! The XXX-fans have much more reason to gripe than do I. A more even interspersion of the non-XXX/XXX cards would avoid `clumping' of show types. Fans of each type of card would not have to wait so long for their preferred type of show.

I do understand and appreciate your views as to `balancing' the content within each card - much like Ms Kent's show, here. I agree whole-heartedly. :-)

Thank you for reading other card comments.
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