In Control by

Veronica Clark

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February 12, 2018
This show of 13 clips is divided in Standing 6, Behind TB 2 and On TB 5 clips (all 5 with sound).

XXX-labelled 3 clips, 1 Standing and 2 On TB, together ± 13 minutes (36% of total time ).

Starting nude: 5, 8 (RFN), 9, 11 (RFN), 13 (RFN). RFN = Real Full Nude = no shoes, no clothing, no stockings.

Veronica is not so much of a dancer, probably also the reason of the absence of poleclips in 4 of her shows.

Veronica is at her best in the tableclips. What I like very much is her gentle way of touching and playing with her lips.

In the last clip there is a dildo and a lubricant on the the table.

To my big surprise Veronica began to oile and massage her feet instead of the dildo.

Next with her feet she lubricated the dildo and massaged it! She has awareness in her feet.

A card for feet lovers.

I would like to see Veronica back for a Take 2, but before she has to practise (pole)dancing.
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July 18, 2018
A very impressive performance by Veronica… very impressive indeed.

As Veronica displays her charm & femininity, you get to enjoy her beauty - beautiful hair, beautiful eyes, pretty face, great breasts, nice butt & legs, glorious looking genital area & awesome pussy.

This show gets progressively hotter, culminating with three XXX scenes that are outstanding. The way Veronica caresses her crotch & rubs her pussy lips is divine. The way she finger-penetrates her pussy is magnificent. The way she handles her red dildo & orgasms is the jewel in the crown!!!!!!

Congratulations to Veronica on this truly excellent sexy performance.
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April 2, 2018
I WON"T let this gorgeous, teasing, bitch be "in control"!

I WON"T let this gorgeous, teasing, bitch be "in control"!

I WON"T let this gorgeous, teasing, bitch be "in control"!

This... gorgeous... teasing... bitch... is in COMPLETE... and TOTAL... control --

of my mind... my... dick... and (of course) my left hand...
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