Laid-back Love by

Nicole Love

 4.07 (95 votes)

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Joined in May 2017

58 comment(s)
January 18
Her body is natural and her private area is massive. She is still learning and looking for directions from staff behind camera. Stars are for her beauty
Joined in Jul 2012

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July 14
For me this is OK card., but not more than OK. Nicole's performance in the standing and especialy in the pole clips is very awkward though in the table clips she seems to be much more relaxed and subsequently gives a much better performance.
Joined in Jun 2008

104 comment(s)
February 7
some woman have a pussy like a tight sandwitch. And some have it like a full packed, meat hanging out sandwich. Nicole has one of those.

A nice girl next door with great boobs and big fat pussylips. Not your best dancer, but she's hot!
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