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Emylia Argan

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Joined in Mar 2011

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February 5
This show of 13 clips is divided in Standing 6, Pole 3 and On TB 4 clips.

XXX-labelled 4 clips, 1 standing and 3 On TB (with sound); XXX together 17 minutes (41 % of total time ).

Clip 2 (preview) and clip 13 with dildo. Full nude: clip 8 (RFN), 10, 12 (RFN) and 13 (RFN).

RFN = no shoes or clothing. Quite some naked feet in this show.

Emylia knows that half of the work of a good striptease is teasing with facial expressions. She is a master in this art.

She also knows how to walk sexy across the screen/table. I liked that jusat as her pole clips. Her tableclips were convincing.

In the casting poll I voted “so, so”. Emylia has really surprised me!!!
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April 22
Compared to 'Tortuous' this show was a bit of a disappointment from Emylia.

There are 4 XXX clips although the first one doesn't really deserve the label. It is standing and only brief finger plunges to make it XXX.

Of the 3 other XXX clips she used her fingers only in the first 2 and a big dildo in the last. She did manage to get herself off in the 2nd but didn't seem to know what to do with the dildo in the last.

Of course I love the way she looks with a great body, nice boobs & pussy. She wasn't quite as 'enthusiastic' as I like in this show.
Joined in Dec 2009

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February 6
No hesitation. Insta-purchase. Emylia has so much personality, which she projects so beguilingly. Sigh...!
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