Love-Love by

Lexi Layo

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February 21, 2018
This show of 18 clips is divided in Standing 7, Pole 6 and On TB 5 clips, all TB with sound.

XXX are 4 TB clips (± 20 minutes) and all 4 with vibrator. Starting Real Full Nude: 12, 13 and 18.

In three XXX-clips there is anal, which means one finger in her ass during shorter or longer time. No ATM.

In this - the last show - Lexi is wearing sporty clothes, which suited her very well.

Her pink top matched with the pink (normal!) panties and the white skirt with the white shoes.

Her ultrashort skirt gave a nice view at her panties. I liked both standing and pole clips.

In the tasbar clips there is some anal fingering, but it was not dominating.

For me the show had been better without the anal. Her English talking during the XXX-clips is exciting.
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February 22, 2018
My Kinda girl. more
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January 29
This was a decent show from Lexi Layo.

Of the 17 clips only 3 were XXX for a total of about 14 minutes.

She started really slowly with the first 2 clips using fingers & dildo but didn't really get going until the last clip. In this clip she used 2 fingers up her ass & a dildo in her pussy & managed to have a DP orgasm which is quite rare. That alone made the show worthwhile.
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