No Promises by

Lexi Layo

 4.68 (139 votes)

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January 23
This show of 19 clips is divided in Standing 5, Pole 5, Swing 3, Behind TB 2 and On TB 4 clips.

XXX-labelled 3 clips all On TB and with sound, together 12 minutes.

Two clips with vibrator: in one clip used orally and in the other clip inserted inside down under.

If you don’t like XXX, then you have to delete only three On TB clips to get a XXX-free show.

Stockings and shoes are never stripped!

I like Lexi Layo very much: she has an interesting face and a perfect figure: nice breasts - not too big -,

a firm butt, long legs and a little bit of a belly. No superfluous fat. The whole outfit was very well chosen:

I liked every item, the fashionable lingerie, the stockings and the high heels, everything in black.

It was a pleasure to watch Lexi’s show. At the end of clip 19 she came, and I????
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January 23
i cant wait to see her in a pair of leggings.
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April 2
PLEASE, babes, promise me you're not going to just strut and parade around till I'm hopelessly addicted to memorizing your every move --

and PLEASE promise me you're NOT going to mercilessly taunt me with those outragious, incredible poses till my dick is uncomfortably, achingly rigid --

and PLEASE promise me you that you certainly won't just laugh and smirk and turn me into an embarrassed, permanent, pumping machine --

"No promises...!" she says, laughing -- SO teasingly, SO provocatively, and SO "innocently", -- as she turns around, spreads her long, lovely legs, nice and wide, and slowly bends over, showing off her stunning ass and sweet pussy to FULL advantage --

GUARANTEEING, I'll have no choice of becoming, her embarrassed... permanent... pumping machine...
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