Burgundylicious by

Nicole Love

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Joined in Oct 2009

510 comment(s)
24 days ago
Totem allowed Nicole Love (this pussy play godess), to slip right through their fingers, so to speak.

One xxx card is about five cards short of whats well overdue here as a XXX game changer.

Tired of all the anal forced grimacings and deep throat gagging spectacles of others.

Nicole Love ~ cute and unaugmented, excells as a XXX model. She uses a chroma-keyed

head rest to give us happy two handed mandala spreads and sweet plays of her gorgeous

velvet lips incl. G-spot fingers, and all this peppered with mini climaxes. Bravo,5+^60
Joined in May 2017

47 comment(s)
2 days ago
Very beautiful body, wonderful private place.

Couldn't take eyes away from it.
Joined in Jul 2008

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26 days ago
Nicole is wonderful. Okay, okay ... I know she has a beautiful pussy but let's not overlook her bouncing, bubbling breasts and marvelous derriere. Beautiful dark eyes and the cutest overbite you'll ever find.
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