At Your Own Risk by

Cara Mell

 4.59 (237 votes)

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October 6, 2017
I risked my sanity for Cara Mell...I'm completely mad for Cara Mell...I'm 51/50 for Cara Mell...

For me personally this is her best card yet...I absolutely love black leather but the whole outfit is so freakin badass...and with "Magnificent Goddess" (that should be a card name btw) Cara Mell in instantly becomes something too infinity and beyond!!!

Joined in Mar 2011

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January 26, 2018
Great show in fantastic outfit of Cara Mell, who was not only one of the best models of 2017, but also completely deserved Talent of the Month (09/2017).
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February 5, 2018
"At my own risk", babe? Well how bad can it really be? Wow, Cara has the most gorgeous face, the most beautiful eyes, the most luscious lips, and the most seductive smile! OMG those smooth legs! That firm ass! Those perfect tits! Those sweet, pouty pussy lips! That incredible outfit and those stunning leg posing, ass waving, taunting moves! Oh my! Suddenly finding myself shocked and squirming, realizing, that by the time Cara is done with me, I'll be her helpless, permanent, jerk boy, eyes locked onto her every taunting move, achingly erect and perpetually pumping! Uh, what was that risk you were talking about, babes?
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