Let It Slip by

Sade Mare

 4.44 (113 votes)

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Joined in Mar 2012

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March 7
This girl caught my eye the secong
Joined in Jul 2012

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February 4
A card of two halves. In the first half Sade's perfomance is an excellent sexy striptease, the second half however is dominated by rather ordinary XXX work. I would like to see her return for a second set of cards in which there is less emphasis on the XXX aspects of the shows and more emphasis on what she does well.

An added extra for this card is a particularly well done swing clip. It is also nice that she is wearing a slip, an article of clothing rarely seen here.
Joined in Aug 2013

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September 8, 2017
Sexiness is in the eye, mind and various other parts of the body and psyche, of the individual. And to me, there is NO DOUBT that this lady is very sexy. Those who think otherwise would do well not to buy the card - or undertake urgent anti-compulsion therapy.

With no expertise as to model performance presentation, I boil it simply down to: I love the show that I am watching right here! Petite she is, undisputedly. Sexy is just as undisputable in my estimate. Now back to watching this delicate beauty! Enjoy the show, fellow admirers.
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