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Victoria Travel

 3.87 (100 votes)

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Joined in Jul 2012

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January 31, 2018
I do not understand why all of Victoria's cards have a lower star rating than I think they deserve. Both the body and the performance are excellent. There is a rather prominent tatoo on her arm that was initially distracting, but despite my preference for no tatoos I soon got used to it (there is also a set of three stars at the top of her spine, but these are rarely visible being hidden by her hair).
Joined in Jan 2016

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August 28, 2017
One of Most Beautiful in The World , 50 +++
Joined in May 2012

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August 25, 2017
I know Victoria does not get ranked very high, but I really like her. I could do without the arm tattoo, but other than that I find her very appealing.
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