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September 20, 2018
I award this show my (completely made up just now) Heroine of *PLUS quality mark.


This was the 2nd Mikki card I bought and every clip is a treasure. She is a very naughty girl indeed. In the nicest possible librarian-flashing-her-pussy-at-you sort of way.

And, oh dear lord, can she move.

As others have said, she's a great dancer and puts on a smooth graceful show.

She gives us what we crave - exhibitionist flashes of her delicious trimmed kitty.

Mikki is the naughty girl in the office doing it deliberately to drive us mad.

There is more pantyless upskirt in this clip than you would encounter in a clothing-optional office in a heatwave, with no aircon.

I like to put this show in a fullscreen playlist all on its own, and watch it through on 'Progressive hotness'. I just sit back and dream about every girl I've ever fancied at work, and imagine my dreams have finally come true.

I should warn you: turn back now if you value your heart and your credits, for you will forfeit both.

Once Mikki gets under your skin it is inevitable that you will buy all her cards.

I need help.

  • Panty-Less-Up-Skirt
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June 28, 2017
Mikki is reminiscent of Waleria due to similarities in their fine feminine forms and their less than fully feminine faces. Waleria has the c-scar while Mikki has more than a desirable amount of butt cellulite.

She also presents her sinuous gracillis adductors; of which I am a sucker for any babe lithe enough to make them obvious. Mikki becomes over the top recommendable in her tabletop XXX clip 15. Mikki is not yet a polished veteran professional adult entertainer, but she has me rooting for her success.

Go Girl and thanks for the classiness.
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June 23, 2017
Great girl, great card.

Certainly enjoyed her dancing while wearing no panties under her skirt too.

First time my cock got jealous of a plastic toy, too.
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