Wildfire by

Kira Thorn

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Joined in Jun 2016

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June 8, 2017
Lose half a star do to only one XXX clip and she not even completly naked for the 9mins. Id happily tear those stocking in half and get them feet around somet other then the dildo ;)
Joined in Nov 2007

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July 4, 2017
Thanks for bearing yourself for us Kira Thorn but,I would say to ALL the girls:We ALL came from the "pussy" or "the womb"(hence woman).There is a point after which(even in comedy) the "gig" becomes"gross".Not that I'm putting any two girls together,I believe that maybe Kira compare notes with the other girls such a "Melena Tara".The art is as I see it:Seduction/Teasing.Maybe what I just said may be of use in helping"the standards" to improve.Thanks and God be Praised! as I continue to keep ALL of you close to my Heart in Love & Prayer...
Joined in Jan 2008

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September 18, 2017
One of my favourites, gorgeous long blonde hair, nubile, young good looks with heaps of sex appeal. Beautiful!
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