Astounding by

Cara Mell

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April 14, 2017
Cara Mell: one piece of a woman. The way she walks...!!!!

She knows how to walk on high heels like no other model does.

Great outfit with her landingstrip coming just above her panties.

Perfect colours for Cara Mell, who is in top shape!!!

For me this is the best show of all shows in 2017 until 15/04/17.

No hesitations where ever. Cara Mell’s physical condition is that of a topathlete.

She is like Tracy Smile, who gives herself for 100% and more.

One of the little treasures of this show is for instance in clip 17 at the end:

Cara Mell bends through her knees and jumps up with both legs at the same time,

her big, firm ass fully shaking.

You saved your best show for the last. Thank you and come back, Cara Mell! See you later!!!

About the new format: now with the standing and pole clips in xxx-shows,

I going to buy xxx-cards again.

Since there are nearly no clips with sound, I don’t have the problems with the sound in 3K.
Joined in Jun 2012

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April 14, 2017
People complaining it isn't XXX need to stop. The card is the same price as all other cards and it has xxx content, just not a lot. Cara Mell is one of the few new girls who actually has a diversity of motions and moves. Plus she looks like a woman, and not a girl. Hopefully totem uses her as a model of how to move forward with the eastern european girls. She is decently skilled but focuses on variation and build up in her cards, with the last few being the most entertaining. She works hard enough in this one that she builds up some sweat, not something that most of the new girls can do.
Joined in Jul 2013

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June 9, 2017
All of Cara Mell's cards are automatically 6 stars...yeah that's right SIX STARS!!!!!! (and exclamation points)

Astounding? Sure...but if you went to the Grand Canyon and screamed ASTOUNDING while watching this card...nobody would think you were crazy!!! ...but you might get attacked by some Tremors :D
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