Delightful Catch by

Emma Brown

 4.41 (178 votes)

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Joined in Sep 2013

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April 26
A top ten model for me. She is a very attractive natural model. I really like her green eyes, her facial expressions, and how she teases. I've never been disappointed in any of her cards. I love the outfit of this cards; the shoes and the leather shorts are extra hot.

The reason I did not give this card a five is because of the toy. I love watching women enjoy themselves but I'm not a fan of the fake toy play. I'd have liked watching her use the toy if she just stuck it to the ground and actually used it. Don't need the fake stuff. This is a personnel preference. This card is very good with an awesome model.
Joined in Mar 2008

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January 5
This is a good show from the oh so cute Emma Brown.

This is like an old Deskbabes show with a full 1/2 of the 14 clips being XXX with 6 of them on the table & one standing.

In this show she managed to get herself off anally with 2 fingers up her ass. She had additional happy endings with a big dildo she used to good effect.
Joined in May 2018

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September 16, 2018
God, I love fishnets. Almost as much as I love this sweet and sexy girl. Awesome show!
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