Private Dance by

Carly Rae

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September 23, 2018

10/10, my new favourite show.

Carly is exactly my type: Big boobs, nice wee patch of pubic hair, and naughtier than a sugared-up two year old in a toy shop.

Turn up the volume people, this one is all about the JOE, delivered in a hyper-sexy Manchester accent. You could nearly get off with your eyes closed just listening to the encouraging filth that comes out of her mouth. But who would want to, and miss that scrumptious body and the things she can do with it?

She does this middle-finger wiggle thing in her pussy - just the tip of the finger, so everything else is in glorious sight, wiggling along in harmony... I kid you not, three seconds of that and I was sorted for the night.

In one clip she did a certain move that caused me to burst out laughing and shout "..and it's all done in the best *possible* taste!". If you can identify the clip I mean, and why I shouted that: then you're an old fart like me. *grin*

If you buy just one show this week, "this *is* the show you're looking for."
Joined in Jun 2018

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August 12, 2018
I may not like fake tits or tattoos but Carly is just bullet proof to my eyes.Beautiful smile, beautiful eyes, body and a beautiful bush. The icing on the cake is she loves to play and goes all out in this video. Buy this one first if you like Carly as much as I do.
Joined in May 2015

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July 10, 2016
I think shes alright. Decent features. Talks a lot. 4 star.
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