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Randy Ayn

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April 20, 2016
Finally, some "proper" upskirt action... better upskirt clips than almost everything in Virtuagirl - I do hope this is a sign of good things to come.

Even for people that don't like Deskbabes, this card is worth it for the upskirt action alone... But it is still an explicit performance, even if not for the most part - dildo only really used in final clip, but it's a long clip with dildo of cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, and then unstuck from floor in her hand.

All said and done, I think this is a perfect hybrid card that straddles both Virtuagirl and Deskbabes (of course this might not satisfy all - some want rauchier in Deskbabes while this is clearly too rude for Virtuagirl).
Joined in Apr 2015

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December 3, 2016
Randy Ayn has a subtle smoldering thing going on here. She is slow and deliberate, which people may misperceive as boring or unenergetic. This is the girl that you find that is unassuming and maybe quiet, but when you get somewhere private she is going fuck the hell out of you.
Joined in Sep 2016

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January 28, 2017
Personally I would give her maybe four stars, the is sexy and the outfit is great. But there is not a single pantyless upakirt, and there is too many XXX clips thar I would have preferred to be variations on the striptease instead. But I am giving her five starsmbecause she is wearing pantyhose, that is different and rare. I just wish she would have worn it without panties and taken it offmfirst even once.
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