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September 22, 2017
Now this is what a XXX show should look like. Not only is Henessy stunningly beautiful with great tits she is horney as hell as well and when she comes she REALLY!!! comes.

There are 7 XXX clips out of total of 12 clips and except for a brief interlude between clips 9 & 10 she is completely naked in all of them.
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1 day ago
Henessy is one of the best! Certainly on my all-star team of porn stars. Mesmerizing tits that are so soft, so exquisitely shaped around her tender nipples. And that sweet gentle face with her upturned nose ... she gets my heart pounding everytime.

This is another one of her fantastic solo performances. Her body is in continuous motion ... rhythmic, pulsing, bursting with lustful desire.
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December 23, 2016
Now my Favorite - Id luv to - 50+++++++
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