Lick Me!

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  • Release date: September 23, 2020
  • Shows: 18 clips
  • Bonus photos: 50
  • Bonus videos: 1
  • Duration: 33 min.
  • Level: Full nudity
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  • Tags: 3

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Ethan DIRECTOR (Ethan): "Super cute Kawaï outfit with this under boobs tshirt, this is an absolute winner with this pair of tits !! Once her hair has been straighten for this outfit, her Asian side is popping out big time ! Her gorgeous smile add so much to the innocent side of this outfit.
She will also tease you while sucking her lollipop and playing with her plush.. This card is a must (must must) have."

Reviews & comments

September 23
This is Audalove’s third show and it lives up to the promise from the first.

Very different in style from the previous shows, this time she is going for the young, playful look with her hair straightened, her make-up softened and a little pink bow in her hair. This is all further enhanced by the lollipop and the small, cuddly lamb – this is in a way the non-XXX version of Melena’s “Uniporn” and Kaisa Nord’s “Pink Lolly”.

And Audalove’s in a very playful mood in this outfit. The top is so short a display of underboob is inevitable – and very nice. She then regularly lifts the top to flash her magnificent breasts or pulls her panties down at the back to show her bottom. And she removes the clothes in different sequences – one table clip (#15) has her removing her panties first and she looks fabulous as she stretches out over the table. There are quite a few clips where the top is on but she is bottomless.

The clip breakdown (exc. Previews) is 2 topless, 1 nudity and 12 full-nudity; with 5 pole, 5 standing and 5 table – a perfect balance. The polework includes some gentle spins and a lot of wiggling. The lollipop and lamb only appear in the table clips and don’t get inserted anywhere!.

The socks stay on throughout so no bare feet. Eye contact is good and consistent and the smile is always ready to appear. Audalove has a spectacularly attractive body which she loves to show you – lots of views of her pussy from front and back (more often I think from behind) – but no touching and not blatantly explicit. With so much lovely girl to look at, you barely notice the tattoos after a while.

A very enjoyable show,
September 23
Audalove is completely relaxed in this whimsical show and has a woolly toy lamb and a lollypop, which she uses to give a varied and playful performance, with perfect camera engagement, loads of personality and graceful, shoeless dancing. Her dancing is unambitious and not on her toes, but it’s in character, cheerful and sexy, with simple pole swings. Her use of full nudity is ideal – you get to see everything without the awkwardness of shy girls or the leery posing of full spreads. My only criticism of her act is that I found the boob flashes rather repetitive.

@pickle has already given the clip breakdown. There are 3.5min full strips in each format, with no behind-the-table, glass, swing, or in-out clips. The table clips are the most playful and none of the formats offer sequential short clips – she strips the hairband, top and knickers in various orders. The toy appears in all 6 table clips, though thankfully she disposes of the lollypop early, and unfortunately the socks stay on, but you can’t have everything. 12 clips offer full nudity, which consists of numerous uninhibited flashes. 3 clips are nude starts.

Technically, the colours are a bit washed out, as with her previous shows, and my system ***** momentary juddering on clip 6, 9 and15, when cpu usage topped 30%. The absurd costume, the make-up and hair are, however, totally different from previous shows and are excellent – the crop-top is splendidly unsuitable for breasts like these and stripping the hairband provides variety. It’s great to see a model who can really make each show different and who is versatile enough for a slightly loopy act like this.
24 days ago
I am not a fan of ladies with big, imposing tattoos. However, the confidence and charm of Audalove's performance is really fascinating to watch. Plus, her commitment to keeping her striptease varied throughout the scenes says it all, and being able to stay in character for the card's theme just means that she is really professional with her craft. Would love to see more of her to come, decked with more interesting outfits: racing queen, doctor in full lab coat, *****, secretary, gym hottie... Audalove should really be a part of iStripper's main stable of go-to models, and I don't say that often for any model. 5 stars!
September 23
wowowowowowowwow this girl has potential, cant wait to see her next show in the preview, it looks really good
27 days ago
Whimsical is indeed a good word to describe this show - Audalove is playfuyl and teasing here, a true ***** (that doesn't look like it, though, for obvious reasons). If you don't mind that there's no spreading and not a lot of pussy here, get this show, you won't regret it.
September 23
September 23
Love this,normally I don`t like tattoo`s on women but this looks different.
30 days ago
Beauty Honey Luv 100 +++++++++++++
September 23
Viva La France Audalove

September 23
What a fantqastic offer!

I can see several things I'd love to lick!
30 days ago
Pretty girl, great tits, lovely shaved pussy. Winner, Winner, Winner!
September 23
Love the straight hair and the outfit.
September 24
Crazy~ Crazy tatoo...

Dirty body...
September 23
Pour ce qui est du "Lick me!" je veux bien être le désigné d'office :) Et partout où elle le désire la miss. Sa tenue est top et je reste accroché à ses petites cernes sous ses yeux qui implorent des nuits plus calmes...
September 26
Le titre nous dit : Lèche moi ! Mais parle-t-il seulement de la sucette ? A chacun d'imaginer la réponse, moi j'en ai une qui me fait bien fantasmer ;)

Audalove est le type de fille que j'adore, avec des formes extraordinaires et naturelles. Je flashe complètement sur ses seins !

Le show est pour moi parfait, avec des mouvements et des poses très suggestifs, un régal :)
September 24
Eine super Schow sehr sexy hoffe eine ihrer nächsten Schow hat eine Glasscheibe drin !!!!!
September 27

sie ist die allerschönste.....von allen

September 23
Good figure and sexy tattoo!
September 23
Over 8 min of full nudity on taskbar clips.
14 days ago