Pink Butterfly

 4.53 (101 votes)

  • Release date: September 9, 2020
  • Shows: 19 clips
  • Bonus photos: 49
  • Bonus videos: 1
  • Duration: 36 min.
  • Level: Full nudity
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Ethan DIRECTOR (Ethan): "Super high heels 20cm platforms and a sexy lilac see Thru outfit Some nice twerk movements and eye contacts"

Reviews & comments

September 9
Valentine flutters like a swallowtail (Papilio machaon) across the stage on her 20 cm high platform heels, is totally at ease and wins the “extremely high heels” competition.

Total 19 clips divided in Standing 5, Pole 8 and On TB 6. Bare feet not in Standing and Pole clips, but in most of the TB clips. Starting Nude (at least no panties) one Standing

and two Pole clips. Starting Real Full Nude (wearing nothing) one TB clip.

Valentine looks very good, both face and body with one minuspoint and that’s the bush between the legs. The small tattoos here and there on her body are not distracting.

I liked the bikini (or was it lingerie?), which suited Valentine perfect.On the one side there’s not much to strip, but on the other side this skimpy outfit gives great views on

Valentine’s delicious butt, belly and legs! What to think of the 20 cm high platform heels? Only a very few models can handle them. They fit in what iStripper has to offer and

that’s also something challenging and extravagant.

With these platform heels a real dance is impossible without the risk of going through the ankles. Yet Valentine moves across the stage with confident and varied steps with

some twerking as well. The Pole is used as a hold. In her sensual way of moving and her whole attitude one can see she’s experienced, but also that she’s capable of more than

we get in this show. The three times she did a landing on her knees. made that clear. She doesn’t give everything away in one show, but doses her skills. With the stretching of

her legs in the TB clips Valentine showed her flexibility. She is good-humored, friendly, smiles, but not overly and has – like @Ethan wrote -good eye contact.

The rating: Standing 4,75 (pro dancer), Pole 4,9 (pole dance skills), Taskbar 4,75 (flexible, twerking), Beauty 4,85 (face and body, – 0,15 hiding bush) and Outfit 5 (bikini, 20 cm

platform heels). Total 24,25/5 = 4,85--→ 5 stars.


As Song of the Show “Mud” with “Tiger Feet”: “Yeah, yeah – All night long, you've been looking at me – Well, you know you're the dance hall cutie that you longed to be – Oh well

now, you've been laying it down – You've got your hip swinging out of bounds – And I like the way you do what you're doin' to me – Alright, that's right, that's right, that's right -

That's right I really love your tiger light - That's neat, that's neat, that's neat, that's neat - I really love your tiger feet, I really love your tiger feet - Your tiger feet - Your tiger feet….”
September 9
Okay – let’s address the elephant in the room. Those shoes! They added so much height to Valentine that in the standing and pole clips, the top of her head was above the top of my screen! Thankfully Valentine does remove them early in a number of clips – good job she doesn’t throw them!

Otherwise I love the outfit – largely because it is so skimpy and delicate that everytime she moves a bit of underboob pops out to say hello – and the panties barely cover her bush. I had hoped when I saw the panties that they would untie at the side (one of my little quirks) but sadly they were always removed in the conventional manner.

Even in the no-nudity table clip 5 she pulls the top down a bit and flashes nipples. The clip mix, ignoring previews, are 2 no-nudity, 4 topless and then 10 full nudity. There are 4 standing, 7 pole and 5 table. In pole clip 18 the panties come off first and the top insists on flashing undeboob – very erotic – I love the smile on her face as she re-covers her right boob at the end.

I would question categorizing the show as having “twerking” – she wiggles her bottom a bit but she is not a twerker.

It is another excellent show from Valentine. She has a superb body, great natural boobs, and she is not afraid to show her pussy – though the view is somewhat obscured by her luxurious bush (just as they used to be in my youth (it was always a challenge to work your way through to the target). Her show is graceful and energetic – even with the clodhoppers on, though I feel she restricted her moves on the pole because of them (no spins or acrobatics).
September 10
Perfect attire. Wonderful girl. (i)Stripper heaven!

Couldn't be happier.

Thanks to whoever picked this outfit and a bigger thanks to Valentine for dancing so well for us. Smoking curves babe.
September 18
5 stars all the way. Valentine is all woman with her sexy bush. As I said before a number of times we need more bush. Valentine your show is awesome regardless. It is a great show. Hope you come back to do more and also do some xxx shows.
September 9
Can we talk about the wierd color exposure? Something seems off when you compare to other shows from other models.
September 11
Personification of sexy, love all of her outfits, and she can take them off with the best of them.
September 9
I like her a lot,but the heels are why i`m not giving 5 lose the heels please.
September 9
aka Emel Marie Naja

emelmarie on Instagram

Check out this duo set,

Morning glitters 💎 with @im.evesweet

Another iStripper newcomer is awesome partner.
September 9
I like her, but ths heels here really don't do it for me.
September 21
Viva La France

September 10
classy and sexy.. i love the way she looks and the way she moves
September 23
She's great! A real stripper! Suductive, beautiful and a great body!
September 9
now that's what im talking about!!! loving the ***** slips in no nudity clips!!! keep them cumming!!!
September 9
Valentine just seems to get sexier with every performance!
September 12
Nice pleasent girl :)
September 10
Would love to see more shows with these heels!
September 10
My super lovely baby, more of her plz !!
13 days ago
Love that bush! Give us more!
8 days ago
Cute outfit, where does one where something like this?
September 10
good show.
September 9
Enfin des plateformes comme je les adore surtout avec ce genre de miss au corps bien sculpté et maîtrisant sa gestuelle. J'éspère en revoir car ça booste un max l'allure de la danseuse sur sa scène de dance.Et en plus Valentine est un de mes prénoms préférés, alors...
September 10
Sie ist echt sexy.Wenn sie es mit einer Glasscheibe in der nächsten Schow drin hat währe das echt heiss.Ich finde ihre beharrte Muschi echt scharf und sehr heiss.Hoffe von ihr kommen noch sehr viele Schows !!!!!!!!!!
September 9 sexy, visually enjoyable, awesome and comfortable!
9 days ago
J'adore son cul musclé et ce genre de poitrine,miam!
September 9
About 7 min of full nudity on taskbar clips.

Most ugly clunky platform heels.
September 9
Super comme d'habitude.
September 11
very nice. but the shoes take getting used to.
September 14
September 10