Irina Gubeva

Poo Poo Pee Doo

 3.77 (79 votes)

  • Release date: September 4, 2020
  • Shows: 24 clips
  • Bonus photos: 50
  • Bonus videos: 1
  • Duration: 35 min.
  • Level: Nudity
  • Filesize: MB
  • Tags: 5

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Oliver Nanto DIRECTOR (Oliver Nanto): "Irina jumped on this light little babydoll that she could wear in the morning upon waking. A "feel good" show, and one more time, what a beauty she is"

Reviews & comments

September 7
This is actually the first of Irena’s shows that I have gotten around to watching. So I’ve seen all the comments about her on the Forum but I will make up my own mind. The show is nudity-only so what I am hoping for is lots of stripping and teasing.

Irina is a happy, smiley, bouncy girl – a nice personality showing through. She reminds me of quite a few girls from a few years back – I’ll remember a specific name soon.

I like the outfit – apart from the fluffy mules – a personal dislike of that style of shoe. But they thankfully get lobbed off stage and she looks so much better bare foot – good legs that stay looking good without the need for heels.

I love the show – in fantasy terms it is almost like you’ve come home early and caught the teenage babysitter by surprise – she has that young, flirtatious look about her.

Ignoring the preview clips there are 11 topless and 10 nudity across a mix of table, standing and pole. A lot of the topless clips are so-called because the negligee top is semi-transparent.

Irina has a nice body, first really revealed in clip 12. Lovely breasts, fine bottom and thighs. The pussy sadly will remain a mystery. The panties come off for the first time in standing clip 16 to be replaced by the virtual panties – her hand. In table clip 15, even though she is behind the tble, she is still exuding sexiness. It’s going to require deft use of the pause button to see if my hand is quicker than her hand to reveal any pussy.

We had to wait until pole clip 23 before we finally saw the panties slipped off from under the negligee and we might actually have gotten to see more of her as she forgot she was panty-less – until she took the negligee off and then she remembered.

I enjoyed the show – there was definitely tease in this show with her use of the hand – a pleasant counterpoint to some of the more graphic XXX shows from the likes of Carolina Abril.
September 4
Irina is just a beautiful woman. It's impossible to deny. She a little shy, but I like it. She has the features of a royal or goddess, I think. It sort of feel like she's a princess performing for the commoners. If her future cards are like this one, I will be buying more! I would recomend she wear an actual princess style dress with her hair tied up and a parasol. I can see it now. A topless Irina with a beautiful blue gown. She looks great in blue.
September 22
September 5
A little slow at first but then she got into it. Not the greatest lingerie set in the world but it fits her. Nice panty tease and nude pole dancing.

If I didn't know differently I'd swear she was Laetitia Casta's *****. Since they are both from the South of France, I wonder if they are related.
September 17
Irina is soo beautiful. I love the *****, it suits here soo well, a classic beauty. I've enjoyed getting to see Irina, I hope she will come back. She's a wonderful tease, I'm desperate to get a better view of her lovely ladygarden!!
September 21
Viva La France

September 8
she is the "girl next door" and I am lovin' it
September 4
how in the hell is previews topless??? need to update clips!!!
September 23
Irina Gubeva you are loveble in every minute of your card, 5++++ :))
September 19
Innocent & Sexy.
September 9
Irina is a very sexy woman, but Totem, what is up with the 80's babydoll outfit? Wow, that is a throwback to something I had hoped to forget.
September 4
Ok for some.
September 5
not bad.
September 5
Fille super jolie dans une nuisette bleue et noire sexy, chaussée de mules noires à talon. Et quand elle enlève le tout, string y compris, sa nudité enchante la rétine. Irina est tout aussi magnifique dans son set photo : elle ressemble à ces jeunes et belles marquises du XVIIIe siècle comme on peut les admirer sur les splendides peintures de cette époque (avec beaucoup moins de nudité il est vrai).
September 5
Ein echt super süsses Girl mit der Glasscheibe wird ihre Schow bestimmt noch schärfer und sexy als sie wiso schon ist !!!!!!!!!
September 5
Irina est absolument craquante dans cette lingerie, et le titre du show retranscrit bien l'atmosphère sexy et coquine entre Betty Boop et Marilyn Monroe. Un vrai régal à regarder, je ne m'en lasse pas. Merci Irina :)
September 10
Wow. Wonderful makeup, almost vintage like. Beautiful face, somwhere inbetween glamorous and babyface. Stunning legs, loving those shaking thighs and booty, when she steps. The outfit is okay, the pastel blue skirt underlines her deceptive innocence quite well.
10 days ago
J'adore sa poitrine nubile,la nudité naturelle de cette sirène juvénile.

Mais ce toc à répétition de se cacher le sexe est agaçant!
September 6
Dieser Blick, diese Lippen, diese Brüste, dieses Becken, diese Schenkel!

Zum Dahinschmelzen...
September 4
Irina Gubeva's natural cuteness exudes beauty!
September 5
Irina je t'aime <3
September 4
Sexy Sexy Sexy Lady....
September 5
Mega SeXy - Hot & Sweet Outfit