Melody Clark

Happiness Melody

 4.17 (76 votes)

  • Release date: August 11, 2020
  • Shows: 20 clips
  • Bonus photos: 50
  • Bonus videos: 2
  • Duration: 36 min.
  • Level: Full nudity
  • Filesize: MB
  • Tags: 7

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Oliver Nanto DIRECTOR (Oliver Nanto): "If Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction were to do a show, it would probably be this one :) Melody is a real chameleon, who evolves here in a French cabaret atmosphere with this wig and this light outfit"

Reviews & comments

August 12
In this show a great outfit of the better kind of lingerie, which gave plenty of variation in striptease. Melody Clark is unpretentious, but does meanwhile an excellent show.

Total 20 clips divided in Standing 7, Pole 7, Swing 3 and On TB 3. Bare feet in all cliptypes except Swing. Starting Nude (no panties) two Standing, two Pole and two

Swing clips. Starting Real Full Nude (wearing nothing except dammed collar) one Standing, one Pole and one TB clip.

Melody Clark: the wig suited her well, but is also a camouflage for her short hair. This was a GREAT OUTFIT. Fashionable lingerie probably of her own; a very nice

dressing gown, nice stockings and high heels. Lace came back in collar, stockings and dressing gown. Wine red plus black was a good colour combination. With this

outfit there was something to strip.

In Standing and Pole clips many variations were done with the outfit. This is a very strong point of this show. Her moves are sultry, spicy and fluid. She makes good use

of the space. At certain moments acceleration and slowdown of tempo. The stockings are at least five times stripped. No stripping of stockings in the Swing clips. Not

so much nudity in the Taskbar clips, but even the more so in Standing and Pole clips. Not so much teasing with the camera (Melody Clark is not the type for that), but

she keeps in contact with the camera and no asking with eyes or attitude for instruction.

The rating: Standing 4,75 (variation in stripping), Pole 4,75 (variation in stripping), Taskbar and Swing 4,75 (variation in stripping), Beauty 4,75 (– 0,25 for wig) and Outfit 5

(lingerie, stockings, gown). Total 24/5 = 4,8 --→ 5 stars.


As “Happiness Melody” Helen Shapiro with “Walking Back To Happiness”: “Funny but it's true – What loneliness can do – Since I've been away – I have loved you more each

day – Walking back to happiness – Said goodbye to loneliness – I never knew I'd miss you – Now I know what I must do – Walking back to happiness I shared with you.....”
September 21
The chameleon-like Melody adopts another persona in this show. This wig suits her face well and looks natural (well – anything would look natural after the last wig!). The hold-up stockings look really good from behind and showcases her excellent legs and bottom.

The outfit looks nice and is shown off well in the no-nudity clips. With this show being full-nudity rather than XXX it gives Melody more opportunity to show off her moves. She does some nice seductive poses around the pole.

There are no topless or nudity clips on this show. We go straight from no-nudity to full-nudity of which there are fourteen. Which is lots of opportunity to look at her sweetly trimmed pussy. She does do full strips so the bare-feet guys will be catered for (see table clip #10 as an example).

I especially like standing clip #13 as she starts with no bra or panties but still wearing the black chemise (or whatever it is called!). It could fire up that fantasy where you are the delivery man and the lady of the house answers the door….

Melody hides nothing but she saves the explicit stuff for the XXX shows. The show is a mix of standing, pole, top-of-screen and table (only three table clips).
September 25
August 17
An excellent card in all respects.

The addition of a simple wrap greatly enhances what is essentially a simple bra and panties lingerie set (albeit a very sexy lingerie set). I think it would have been even better if the wrap had initially been used to hide the lingerie which could then have been revealed as the first part of the striptease rather than being on show right from the start.

The black wig certainly goes well with this costume, and is nicely complemented by the eye make up and lipstick. The use of this wig makes me think that Melody might give a great performance as Cleopatra.
August 11
For some reason, I am loving the look of Melody in a black wig, with matching coveralls, stockings and shoes. She look like such a delectable cookie, with everything on except her bra and panties. Great card. Ever thought of having a Wednesday Addams cosplay? I think Melody is suited for that character, get her back for take two! 5 stars!
August 12
Sex-ie-ee-ee...! Melody Clark has now become my idea of the perfect iStripper girl. I adore her velvety skin, her soft shoulders, her natural bosom and shapely, firm legs. Melody's sultry visage seems so serene, so at-ease with herself, all borne out in her biography where she states that she does this only for pleasure. Dark eyes and dark hair of the most elegant of courtesans. Such a hot lingerie and stockings set with lusty lace choker!
21 days ago
This woman is really cute, but not so much with that wig. I though the outfit was really secy. Why the wig? Maybe to show what she would look like with long hair? I really didn't need it.
August 11
And the beat goes on!

Another stellar performance by Melody!
August 14
Gorgeous...Thanks again & God be Praised in ALL THINGS.
August 11
With a song in my heart, a true pleasure to watch!
August 12
Oh hell yeah!
August 11
J'aime beaucoup cette coiffure sur Melody, elle donne un cadre très agréable à son joli visage et son regard coquin. Les bas sont très biens aussi et les hauts talons affinent ses jambes merveilleuses. J'adore son minou aux lèvres très charnues et à la toison parfaitement taillée. Melody est vraiment superbe à contempler et lorsqu'elle bouge comme ici, c'est tout bonnement excellent. Bravo ma belle :)
August 11
Ce qui est bien avec les miss aux cheveux courts, c'est qu'elles peuvent plus facilement porter des perruques pour plus de transformation et c'est plutôt bien.
August 11
0 / XXX

Bon show même si Melody semble parfois manquer un peu d'aisance.

Balançoire : 3 clips (3'06) Table : seulement 3 clips (5'29) Barre : 7 clips (13'53) Debout : 7 clips (14'23)
September 2
P*tain de sexy, y'a pas à chier tu sais comment nous exiter !
September 6
Melody nous habitue à des shows plus osés,cependant elle reste magnifique,sensuelle au corps nu voluptueux.
August 12
Nicht schlecht ihre Schow!!!!
August 11
Sexy body and beautiful legs are great!
August 11
Only 5 min of full nudity on taskbar clips.
August 12
YES - SeXy