Eva Colombus

A Dance With Eva

 4.53 (102 votes)

  • Release date: June 12, 2020
  • Shows: 18 clips
  • Bonus photos: 48
  • Bonus videos: 2
  • Duration: 36 min.
  • Level: Full nudity
  • Filesize: MB
  • Tags: 5

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Reviews & comments

June 12
A solid debut of Eva in an entertaining show; Eva always friendly and in a good mood. I will buy more shows of this “unlocked” beauty with natural breasts and no tattoos.

Total 18 clips divided in Standing 6, Pole 6, Behind TB 1 and On TB 5. Some slight touching/rubbing. Bare feet only in TB clips. Starting Nude (no panties) two Standing

and one Pole clip. Starting Real Full Nude (wearing nothing) one TB clip.

Eva Columbus from Paris is the second model filmed during the lockdown in the spring of 2020. She’s very beautiful: face, legs, butt and last but not least her perfect natural

“poitrine”. A good choice of iStripperteam for “unlocking” Eva for us customers! The lingerie was okay, but I wouldn’t buy it for my girlfriend (at least not the panties).

About the show: for me an untertaining show. Eva makes use of the whole stage (no surplace like some other models). The high heels don’t make it easy for her, but she

succeeds, sometimes a bit awkward and not always smooth. Some communication with the director, no problem for me. So altogether not at all a bad show. Eva is always

friendly and in good mood. I liked it and it tastes for more.

The rating: Standing 4,5 (good), Pole 4,5 (good, no special skills), Taskbar 4,8 (some touching), Beauty 5 (face, body – in particular “poitrine”) and Outfit 5 (experimental lingerie).

Total 23,8/5 = 4,76 --->5 stars. By ***** about the “poitrine” (breasts) the model starts to think that they are not okay and she takes the road to the unfeminine fake breasts.
June 13
Curious – the “blurb” says that “Eva loves….pole dance” yet no pole-dancing-skills tag?

This review is being written “in flight” while the show is running.

From the outset, in the standing and pole clips, Eva looks diffident and unsure – almost pained in some of the movements. I suspect that, as an ex-cheerleader, she is used to highly choreographed movements and is not used to free-styling. You can see her get into positions and then not know what to do when she gets there.

She loosens up considerably when she gets to table clips and starts stripping – as has been said, unafraid to show her pussy. I suspect that she is going to be much better at the intimate stuff, so it is good that 3 of her 6 shows are XXX.

She has a lovely smile when she uses it – it really lights up her face (pole clip 10 is a good example). I have seen this before where a girl seems to come alive once she has taken off her panties – and I am actually looking at her face when I say that! Occasionally she winks at you – that could be a nice signature move for her. She is supple and flexible on the table.

Shoes come off in table clip 8.

I think this is probably her first show and as a result she is unsure of her moves. She needs time to decide what works for her and what doesn’t - for example, she tries to do a boob shake but when you have a small chest, it does not work. Her smile and wink are wonderful. And she really needs to do some loosening up exercises beforehand because I actually saw her wince in ***** when she tried to raise her right leg in a vertical split. It begs the question whether she has stopped cheerleading through *****?

I am really looking forward to the XXX shows as I think she could be brilliant.
June 13
June 22
Another nice and natural beauty. Small boobies but better to stay with nature than to go for the silicon. Some first time jitters but those will go away by next time. She radiates pure joy when she is totally nude and smiling. Looking forward to lots more of that.
June 22
Eva looks so inviting in this card, in the sexy fishnet two-piece with matching black heels. I like that she goes bottomless in at least one scene, and I appreciate that, because many models in the platform would keep taking their tops off first even though they have only two pieces of attire to strip off. 5 stars for Eva. I would give her the sum of all the deducted stars from other cards if I could.
June 16
Cutey with a sweet little frame <3 yeaa love ya Eva!
July 19
Tight Beauty Sweety 100+++++++++++
July 4
Slow and romantic, or something hot and firey?

I'm sure Eva is capable of both!
September 21
Viva La France

June 13
Finally! A girl who is cute, natural and not afraid to show off her pussy! Eva Colombus is on her way to the top!
June 12
So beautyfull and classy, i am happy to see a girl without any tatoo, pure nature.
20 days ago
I am not a fan of the high waisted panties, but that isn't Eva's fault.
June 13
Good choice guys! I look forward to more Eva!
August 23
Beutiful and hot.
June 27
Nice !!
June 12
Bienvenue à Eva, nouvelle recrue sur iStripper. Jolie brune au visage énigmatique et au regard malicieux, Eva a des hanches, un cul et des jambes superbes. Mon regret c'est sa poitrine, bien trop petite à mon goût. La lingerie qu'elle porte ici est magnifique et permet de bien profiter de sa belle plastique.

Le show est assez timide, bien qu'elle se déshabille complètement et elle a tendance à pas mal regarder hors du champ de la caméra, pour prendre ses consignes. La posture de la débutante en somme.

En tant que cheerleader, j'espère qu'on la verra dans une scène beaucoup plus rythmée. J'attends donc les prochaines cartes pour voir.
July 5
Madre Dios!Beau début la Frenchie...Ah les fesses et sa chatte me fait mouiller de désir...
June 14
A nous les petites françaises!
June 13
Eine sehr gute und sexy Schow!!!!!!!!
June 12
Almost 10 min of full nudity on taskbar clips.
June 13
Wow what a beauty full woman 10 stars.
June 12
Beautiful and sexy!
June 17
July 4
very pretty