Talia Mint

Burgundy Bourgeois

 4.47 (123 votes)

  • Release date: June 8, 2020
  • Shows: 18 clips
  • Bonus photos: 50
  • Bonus videos: 2
  • Duration: 39 min.
  • Level: Full nudity
  • Filesize: MB
  • Tags: 9

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Ethan DIRECTOR (Ethan): "Talia has definately some serious dancing skills at the pole. Such a pleasure to work with her, she is a delightful concentrate of energy she gets through a clever diet, no need to say she didn’t take the sauerkraut at lunch... Stay fit, indulge later."

Reviews & comments

June 10
Talia Mint is a Pole specialist. Her engagement with the camera is perfect; she smiles a lot and has fun. The dress suited her perfect.

Total 18 clips divided in Standing 6, Pole 6, Behind TB 2 and On TB 4. Some light touching/rubbing. Bare feet in a few TB clips. Starting Nude (just heels) one Standing,

one Pole and one TB clip.

In The Netherlands we have the expression “Burgundy Life”, which means living the good life with abundant meals (no modern cuisine) and excellent French wines. Talia

Mint didn’t take too much superfluous food guarding her slender figure with the (for me) right proportions. Maybe her beautiful dress is “Burgundy Bourgeois”, but her

special high heels are challenging the bourgeois norm. I hear the other (jealous) women at the party say: “What shoes does she wear? Does she think it’s fashionable?”

The name of the card is derived from the “Always The Love Songs Dress Burgundy”. Only ladies know this. I discovered it by accident.

With the announcement of the messages for the fansign @Celine wrote this about Talia Mint: “And she just made a demonstration of her pole skills that let us agape!”

Nothing to add at this. Talia moves well in the Standing clips. She smiles a lot and has perfect contact with the camera. Again @Celine: “her smile is beguiling.”

The rating: Standing 4,5 (moves well), Pole 5 (great pole skills), Taskbar 5 (smiles), Beauty 5 (beautiful face, perfect body) and Outfit 5 (dress). Total 24,5/5 = 4,9-→ 5 stars.


As Songs of the Show Maurice Emmanuel with“Songs of Burgundy”to find on Spotify. It’s classical music with voices accompanied by piano. One of the songs is “J’ai vu le loup.”

(“I saw the wolf”).
September 20
Wow. The dress is sensational, the panties are almost non-existent and what a mover!

There are very few girls where you have to switch watching them to small size – butn when Talia goes inverted on the pole, in big size half of her disappears off screen. Absolutely fantastic pole skills.

She is also very good at teasing, with looks, little promises of seeing more and playing with the panties. And when she grinds her pussy against the pole (clip 9) – wow! Can’t wait for her four XXX shows…..

In table clip 10, after a lot of teasing, we get our first pantyless upskirt. And we get another oe in pole clip 16 and more of same going into pole clip 18. And table clip 15 sees her squatting full dressed, pulling the panties up into her pussy.

Some clips have shoes, some are bare foot. Table clip 12 is good for the footie-boys.

Excellent show.
June 11
July 5
She's a pretty girl with a beautiful smile. And she's one of the girls who can poledance. And from the new girls she has maybe the best body. So far I have all her cards and I'm going to buy her future cards as well.
June 13
Talia does a basic invert with a handstand slide-down a couple of times and some well executed swings, but don’t expect Foxy-style pole fireworks. She dances slowly and rhythmically, with admirable control and power. Lovely set of abs, a pierced navel and a large bat tatoo’d over her bum. Her eye contact is perfect and she’s playful in a natural way that doesn’t dominate the flow of the dance.

6 clips in each of pole, standing and table formats, with a 4min full strip and a nude start in each. 9 clips are full nudity, though the shoes only come off in the later table clips.

No technical problems. The costume is good, especially the shoes, but I’m not so sure about fire-orange knickers with a burgundy dress. She dances smoothly, expressively and with plenty of variety in this relatively restrained show.
June 8
Very good! I downloaded this on the day it came out. At least that tattoo is on her back and her hair is long enough to cover it. Her bio says she is friends with Katya Clover and Rebecca Volpetti. It would be great if they could make a trio.
June 9
Another mesmeritic show by the lovely Talia.

Her movements always easy & smooth like a cat

even when she be upside down on the pole.

The slow tease & smile of Talia will be with you

long after you've come and gone. Superb work !!!!!
June 10
Her smile is just fun and captivating!! and what an amazing body at the age of 30! So so impressive. Between her sultry looks, shy hiding behind her hair and magnificent pole work this girl is a must have. Pure class!!!
June 12
Talia is the perfect Bourgeois decadent pleasure that is ment to be enjoyed!
June 8
Talia looks flaming hot and smoking sexy in this new card. The photo shoot is really nice for sure. Talia is a pure beauty!!
June 13
sexy ass
June 9
Can't get any hotter than this. Talia is so smooth and silky ... shapely, sexy.
21 days ago
I can't believe Talia is 30, she has the body of an 18 yo. Totem, this was a find!
June 9
What a spectacular night I had with Talia baby, mmmm!!
June 26
10/10 for pole dancing skills, enthusiasm, and looks. A real gem.
June 9
very hot
June 8
Talia est vraiment très sexy dans cette petite robe bien serrée et les chaussures sont parfaites pour affiner encore davantage sa silhouette et ses jambes sublimes. Mon seul regret, c'est sa poitrine, trop petite à mon goût.

Le show quant à lui est parfaitement maîtrisé et c'est un régal de la voir bouger sensuellement sur l'écran. Bravo !
June 8
Cette femme est très belle et sourtout nous offre un set de photos au top max....

Elle sait jouer avec son corps magnifique et se mettre en scéne dans des positions trés ecxitantes pour s'offrir totalement à notre désir....10/10

J'adore les positions des 20 derniéres photos, on aimerait en voir des comme ça plus souvent... et surtout avec de la lingerie (avec des bas et porte jarretelle)
June 27
La sirène sensuelle Talia est de retour,mmmhhh!!!

Donner nous plus SVP Talia,pour me faire perdre plus la tête!XXX
June 8
Super heiss ist Talia!!!!!!
June 8
Over 10 min full nudity on taskbar clips.
September 15
June 13
Okay on the pole really good. I miss the wood in front of the hut
June 13
Super Sexy da gibts echt nix zu meckern.
June 9
Beautiful Girl super show
June 8
Not bad! So sexy!
June 8
September 24
Tits where?