Sasha Meow

Puss N Boots

 4.54 (157 votes)

  • Release date: May 18, 2020
  • Shows: 18 clips
  • Bonus photos: 50
  • Bonus videos: 1
  • Duration: 37 min.
  • Level: Full nudity
  • Filesize: MB
  • Tags: 4

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Ethan DIRECTOR (Ethan): "The tempo has raised a bit, she wanted to offer a more energic show with this damn sexy casual outfit. Well, “casual” might not be the appropriate term to describe this outfit inspired by Alex from Clockwork orange. This tiny leather short with indecent cameltoe and round ass, this pretty hat she wears perfecly and those pair of suspenders who looks great with top, but even greater topless... Still her sexy-crazy eye contact and her playfulness when she moves."

Reviews & comments

May 18
In “Puss N Boots” Sasha Meow is like a wild cat not to be caught without gloves. Great Pole dancing. Sasha looks like having had stripclub experience!

Total 18 clips divided in Standing 6, Pole 6 and On TB 6. No touching/rubbing. No Bare feet. Starting Nude (no panties) one Standing, one Pole and one TB clip.

Sasha is a model with a beautiful face and a well proportioned figure. I liked her hairstyle and make-up. When director @Ethan watched Sasha in The Crazy Horse

Saloon with this outfit, he knew she had to wear it also for iStripper. This outfit is not the most elegant one, but deserves 5 stars for it’s originality and courage. The

top I liked the most. Only models with a high amount of sensuality and subtlety like Sabrisse in Risky Business/e0018 can make a good show on these boots. Sasha

Meow is another one. The hat is used in few Standing and Pole clips and for only a short time, but more in the TB clips.

Her best clips were for me the Pole clips: great dancing, a bit of drama, a bit of wildness (of a runaway cat - no purring meow) and a superb upside/down jump at the

Pole. Real and varied dancing in the Standing clips and playing with the hat. Tip toe dancing on the boots. The string gets entangled in the boots at a certain moment.

Sexy and varied moves in the TB clips; the hat is used in more clips and for a longer time. The hat contributed for the enjoyment of this show!

The rating: Standing 5 (pro dancer), Pole 5 (pole dance skills), Taskbar 5 (playing with hat), Beauty 5 (face, body) and Outfit 4,75 (not bad at all, -¼ string). Total 24,75/5

= 4,95---> 5 stars. When I saw the photo of this card, it didn’t invite me to buy the show. Watching the preview did get me over my prejudice: a great show!!!


As Song of the Show “Cat People” by David Bowie: “See these eyes so green - I can stare for a thousand years - Colder than the moon - It's been so long - Feel my *****

***** - It's just the ***** of losing you - Don't you know my name? You've been so long - And I've been putting out the fire with gasoline - See these eyes so red - Red like..”
September 20
Now this time Sasha is exhibiting the feline moves – rather than looking like she is trying to cough up a furball!

I love the white top she is wearing – and I love the shorts with the braces when there is no top. And I’ve gotten used to the tattoos – though I still don’t like the one on her left upper-arm. I liked that she kept the hat on for a lot of the clips as it suited her and was a major part of the outfit. The boots also stay on throughout (nothing here for the bare-foot boys) but though weird, it looks right even when she is totally naked.

Her dancing is energetic – and a bit ***** at times. Table clip 9 was delightfully slow and sensual. Then in standing clip 10 we get our first look at Sasha’s beautifully furry pussy – such a novelty in today’s world of shaved beavers. Again table clip 11 is a slow, sensual striptease with smouldering looks throughout – this girl really knows how to strip. You can see her every now-and-then flick her eyes to the right of camera to take stage direction but it is done very quickly.

Clip 17 sees a sudden and very dramatic strength move on the pole – upside down! Pole clip 18 you could believe you were watching Belka with the moves that Sasha pulls off – and then you see the real Sasha as she bursts out laughing as her panties get tangled up in her boots.

In the table full-nudity clips you get a good long look at her pussy and it is a delight to see.

This show is a thousand-times better than her debut show.
May 18
I must say MEOW WOW! I have been waiting for a nice kitty theme card just like this! <3^-^ I absolutely luuuv the outfit and Sasha Meow is so cuuute! Simply magnificent! *prrrr* :3

meow! meow! meow! meow!
May 18
May 18
I didn’t get the first Sasha Meow card, so she’s new to me. Pretty girl, petite and sultry (as @seyglass says), she’s shapely and softly muscular with some slightly daft tats, but the tats aren’t too dominant. Her well-practiced dancing is flows smoothly at moderate pace, hips constantly rotating, her dark eyes mostly well focused on the camera. The occasional wiggle, the occasional bounce, with some good pole-work. Neatly trimmed bush, smoothly shaped abs, hourglass rear view with a nice round bum and lots of uninhibited nudity in all clip formats.

6 pole clips, 6 standing and 6 table. No glass, swing or in-out. 4min full strips in each format and the short clips are only roughly sequential, with a starts-nude in each format and the hat coming and going. I particularly liked the clips with braces but no shirt. The boots don’t even come off in the table clips, which is a pity, and the dance style is consequently stompy and in-your-face, rather than delicate or graceful. Just two clips rated as full nudity, but there are numerous spread poses in the nudity clips - no fingering.

I didn’t notice any technical problems and the lighting is good. The costume and make-up are excellent, the hat and braces offer some playful variety. Sasha’s deliberate, flexible dancing make this very professional performance a pleasure to watch. If you don’t like a striptease like this, maybe striptease isn’t your thing.
7 days ago
I Love her So Much
August 5
Sasha is incredible, my favourite by far.

I'm making a plea now: more bushy girls. I'm getting so tired of the endless shaved pussies. Sasha shows you can be totally modern and utterly sexy with a full bush. Some of the newer girls would be suited to this style and it would add variety.

Not everyone wants shaved! I'd be reloading my credits far more often if there was proper variety.
August 16
This is the card you get when Sasha Meow really lets loose! Have a fire extinguisher handy!
May 20
Quite a different performance from her Spicing it Up card. I like that one, but love this one. The confidence and energy and playfulness in this card is swifltly making it one of my favorites!

I love the outfit, the hat, the boots, the suspenders, and the shirt. Sasha looks great in non-heels, if she does a take 2, I'd like to see her in sport shoes.

I am looking forward to her comming performances.
May 23
Christ, how well shaped Sasha is ! And obviously kinda preserves her own style.

Plus she's a true pro in eye contact keeping.

Though I'd prefer some less tattoos, and am not hugely fan of too prominent twerking (an observation that applies to this second card solely), this girl is too damn cool, not to mention hot, to go overlooked.
June 20
Finally, a girl with some fur between her legs!
June 7
She makes the boots work and then some...attitude and moves combine to make a peformance that consistently holds your attention.
May 20
What a body and eye contact OMG WOW.%%%%%%!!!!!!!.
August 15
Sasha is an amazing performer.

I love her body and beautiful bush. Also, her eyes are so seductive.

May 22
Fantastic outfit and amazing dancing! Im new here but already can't see many girls better than her. She dances right out of those shorts. Looking forward to see more from her
July 4
This Puss knows that mwn ***** over women wearing boots and NOYHING Else!
May 19
Sasha almost has a Perfecy Body in my eyes, and she sure knows how to use it!!!
May 18
The sight of those tight suspenders over Sasha's beautiful breasts is soooo hot. Terrific outfit on a gorgeous new girl.
19 days ago
Too hairy for me, but the rest of her is sexy. Sasha, if you need someone to help you clean that pussy, I am available.
May 20
Sasha is quite amazing, she's sexy and sensual. Definitely enjoying her!!
May 21
amazing all natural body, perfectly proportioned curves
May 18
Damn! I love those boots! Where can I get a pair?
May 21
haha, Puss N Boots))

i like that title
May 18
May 18
Cute butt, great moves, sultry
May 18
Love it
May 18
great show.
July 2
very hot
August 12
May 18
Avec cette tenue et ce type de show, on est au cabaret pour 37 minutes. La miss est douée pour ce genre de prestation scénique, on passe un très bon moment...
May 21
Attention mon vieux, cette fille-là elle est terrible !

Sasha est une vraie actrice dans ce show au costume atypique, mais très sexy. Il faut dire que la belle a des formes quasi parfaites, notamment au niveau des fesses et elle sait bouger pour nous faire saliver d'envie !

Mes yeux en sont encore tout retournés :)
May 21
Hosenträger heute am "Vatertag" was ist mit den Schuhen
May 19
Eine echt suer geile Schow!!!!!!
May 18
BEWARE. No full nudity on taskbar clips at all.

This card is only labeled full nudity because of two poldance clips.

She wears those most ugly boots in all clips.

Edit: The nudity on taskbar clips could be labeled as full nudity, she does full splits in them and doesn't cover her pussy.
June 4
Shows longs et peu audacieux!Dommage...
August 6
Superbe show et très belle dame ;)
May 26
Great card. And mega sexy outfig. HOT
June 17
perfecte scharfe show
May 18
good show
May 18
great, so much energy...
May 18
nice show