Impeccable Taste by

Florane Russell

 4.36 (129 votes)

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Director's Note

Full long strips, mostly standing in an elegant leather lingerie, with a lot of smile and eye contact from Florane. Solid show.

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14 days ago
one of my new favoriites :) keep her coming.
Joined in Jul 2008

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15 days ago
She would have been my kind of girl. Nice slender body, nice ass, cute face. But I don't like her fake boobs. I fact I'm more in for little firm boobs. Not these kind of hard unnaturally big ones. I'm sure I would have liked her more with her natural ones.
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16 days ago
Fantastic smile, equally fantastic teasing, and a wonderful eye-lock.

I keep seeing comments about Ms. Russell, like on other performers that makes me wonder. The comments and low scores related to augmented breasts - good or bad seem to be the basis of their critique. This makes me wonder why these people don't have issues about the makeup, hair extensions (or wigs), let alone the outfits - all which are "fake" or "augmentations" in and of themselves.

Ms. Russell, as all these performers are far more than their augmentations. If one cannot get beyond "a bad boob job" or a wig, or whatever, and not see the performance - that is sad. Granted, I have my own preferences about such augmentations (not a fan), but I can look past them to see the amazing dancing, or pure sexuality dripping on the screen, and oh so entirely enjoy it.
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