Talented Tease by

Inna Innaki

 4.41 (111 votes)

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Director's Note

This tiny short has been made for her booty !! Nice booty shake in doggy style.

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Joined in Apr 2008

120 comment(s)
12 days ago
Inna will get better then she relaxes more, looks too forced, when she smiles naturally, she's very sexy, and the real shame about the fake titties, when will these girls realise we would rather have small natural titties than fake bigger ones.....
Joined in Sep 2007

82 comment(s)
20 days ago
Great card. Thank you.
Joined in Dec 2017

37 comment(s)
18 days ago
Oh I definitely want more of this girl. No stockings please, getting tired of stockings already. Love her moves
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