Whole Lotta Love by

Valeria Borghese

 4.26 (62 votes)

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Director's Note

Valeria offers us some very sexy naked upskirts. She is naked on the table too for bare feet lovers.

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Joined in Apr 2011

406 comment(s)
9 days ago
I like the red dress. a good show, Valeria has a great body. Over all I rate this card 4.5 Stars.
Joined in Jul 2012

42 comment(s)
13 days ago
mamma mia!!!!!!!!Super

altri xxx a piedi nudi please
Joined in Jul 2018

36 comment(s)
12 days ago
Well after several trys I finally got this card to download. It makes me alittle hesitant to recommend it. However Valeria is a whole lotta woman and I think she's worth the effort. I like her alot.
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