Let's Hit The Road by

Liya Silver

 4.46 (95 votes)

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Joined in Nov 2007

50 comment(s)
21 hours ago
Perfect beauty! One of those rare cases where big tattoos add rather than detract.
Joined in Sep 2007

82 comment(s)
5 days ago
Joined in Aug 2008

40 comment(s)
5 days ago
Liya pretty much has it all - a perfect, angelic face; well-shaped tits that aren't too big (shoutout to the rare, perfect nipple-to-boob ratio as well!); a drool-worthy pussy; long and gorgeous legs, and a cute little ass.

I can say that if ink on a girl isn't your thing, you probably aren't going to love her. But in my opinion, the garter and anklet tattoos are very well done and the underboob tattoo is spectacular. The kind of confidence it must take to get that done honestly just makes Liya even more incredibly sexy to me. With or without the tats, Liya is one of the more perfect women to appear on my desktop. Easy 10/10.
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