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Director's Note

Shy roleplay from Ava who just can’t stop smiling when she strips. A very cute show and most of all a perfect skirt for her perfect ass !

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4 days ago
Fantastic performance from this very beautiful girl, really hoping there is a glass show in her future would love to see her get wet and soapy.

This outfit really suits her she has the perfect body and innocent look for it, and i love the upskirt shots which a skirt this short really shows of her sexy ass.
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1 day ago
I agree with the other guys, this is a great outfit for her, and as much as I'm not as ass man, WOW what a great ass.......
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16 days ago
A bit disappointed really. Not one clip with what I would call upskirt no panties in a skirt designed for just such a thing. Being topless with no knickers is half way through undressing for me and doesn't count. Also she took her shoes off too quickly for my liking. Still - A great figure but with girl next door looks rather than drop dead gorgeous. The faux coy dance moves didn't really convince either.
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