Playful 1st Date by

Paulina Soul

 4.52 (62 votes)

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Director's Note

Sexy upskirts, nice sultry lingerie and tight top are one of the best combination :)

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Joined in Apr 2008

106 comment(s)
25 days ago
All I will say is if your looking for a real woman to grace your desktop Paulina Soul has arrived.
Joined in Sep 2016

351 comment(s)
25 days ago
First off, there's two pantyless upskirts, but they're both basically two parts of the same show on table.

She dances energetically, and makes me think of hip-hop videos, rather than anything more sensual and slower.

On top that. she's not quite my type, although she has a nice ass. But I imagine a lot of people will love this card.
Joined in Jan 2015

288 comment(s)
21 days ago
Paulina looks just awesome in this sexy outfit and the fantastic high heels she's wearing show off her great legs to the max. Great looks, stunning body and a fantastic gorgeous ass, Paulina is one superb girl that's always a joy to watch.
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