Close Shave by

Maria Marino

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Director's Note

This card is quite special ! It features 15 minutes of show with her natural bush, 15 minutes with a perfectly trimmed pubic hair (but not so narrow) and some shaving action ! Never seen before on IStripper ! Worth having it !

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Joined in Jul 2015

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April 15
I have to rate this card one star lower than the last. I enjoyed her having a full bush since its so rare to see in these cards. Everyone else is already completely shaven/trimmed which gets kind of boring. Id not be against it if it was the final card in the group or one close to the end of her cards, but I was hoping she'd keep it for all of them. Still a very sexy and beautiful girl though; great smile and lovely body to go with it. Hopefully if iStripper gives her a second round of card shoots; you have her keep her full bush the entire time next time.
Joined in May 2011

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April 30
NICEEEEE!! Real woman, real bush. Plus a card with some sort of fetish in it WILL ALWAYS be bought by me. My wife even thinks its a cool card. ;) Keep em coming!
Joined in Mar 2019

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April 22
Excellent work Maria. You have the courage to do something different. I would ask other commenters to respect that.
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