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March 19
This show counts 22 clips divided in Standing 9, Glass 4, Pole 6 and Swing 3. No touching/rubbing.

No Bare feet. Starting Nude (just heels) two Standing, one Pole, one Swing and one Glass clip.

With a Breast/Butt-ratio of 89/89 = 1 Angelina has the ideal proportions. Her body is very female with her bigger breasts, her broad hips, her relatively big ass and strong thighs.

The outfit was great: a very original, sexy, red bikini. I liked in particular the top, which reminded me of diving costumes.

High heels are the perfect shoes for Angelina; they do stick her butt backwards out: a great sight!

Without stockings one can enjoy her long, sexy legs during the whole show; better than with stockings!

Since I changed my rating system a few months ago, I give nearly never 5 stars for Standing and Pole clips.

Technical and artistic skills are for me as former teacher necessary for the 5 stars and not many models have those (teachers look at skills!).

It’s unfair to give her the same rating as models, who have practised dance, ballet or artistic gymnastics. I differ in this way from other commenters.

In the sense of skills Angelina is not a top performer. On the other site she looks extremely sexy, when she moves her heavenly body with and without this marvelous bikini.

I liked the window cleaning very much and most interesting is the communication between Angelina and team in #12. She understood at last.

A certain cruel pleasure it gave me to see the beauty, the relatively arrogant and bitchy type do this “humble” work.

I didn’t miss the TB clips. The On TB clips were never her best with just during two seconds showing her pussy. Glass and Swing are a good substitute.

The rating: Standing 4,5 (seductive moving without special skills); Glass+Swing 5; Pole 4,5 (seductive moving, but no special pole skills);

Beauty 5 (heavenly body) and Outfit 5 (special bikini). Total 24/5 = 4,8---> 5 stars.

A very good, sultry show of a model with the perfect proportions in a great outfit!!!

Best outfits imo were “Hotter Than Hades/e1128”, “Exceptional/e1123” and “Night Moves/e1125”.
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April 7
Amazing and 5 Stars
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March 19
Angelina is a great performer, but this is my least favorite of her cards. Hardly moves and only has standing, pole, and swing content. No Table animations included at all. 2 stars removed.
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