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Chloe Lamoure

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January 8
Best comment - Chloe Lamoure by ETHAN ANGUS - Photographer

Very sexy transparent body with seethru crotch.

PS. Obviously guys, Chloe has huge boobs, and yes they are fake ones. So of course this kind of shapes won’t please all members, but she is a very good performer, has a charming smile, good energy and we think at Totem that it’s important to offer different kind of girls for all tastes ! So if you don’t like her style, no problem ! But no need to insult her or give the show a zero :) so, for those who enjoy very busty women, let’s enjoy !
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January 11
I feel this is a middle of the road card. I don't think the model projects a lot of personality or charm but she isn't exactly devoid of it either. It's neither the most or the least enrgetic routine but maybe a little on the less side. In terms of looks well I kind of feel the same way. compared to most models on this Istripper she is pretty well in the middle maybe slightly better but the smile feels a little contrived at times which kind takes away from her appearance. interms of physique well She looks good. She's got really nice skin.

She's obviously on the plus side but If you bought any of her cards expecting to see a skinny girl, or REAL boobs than my ratings can't help you.

PS. I think people ought to rate a card what they think it deserves; else why allow a rating system? I depend on people being honest when I read a review. Customers appreciate being able to give honest feedback. If anyone sees a low rating and gets annoyed chin up the people who gave that low rating might have been just as annoyed at your gushing review.
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January 16
Most Loaded Full Beauty Luv Joy - 100 ++++++++ Hot MaMa All Nite Long .......
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