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Katrina Moreno

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15 days ago
Best comment - Katrina Moreno by OLIVERLOKKY - Photographer

Will you survive to this crazy low-necked dress ? Pointless to try anyway, if you managed to live through that, you will have to handle her killer panty !!!
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17 days ago
Katrina Moreno's Take 2 is fantastic. I can't wait to buy the rest of her cards.
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17 days ago
OMFG! i didnt even think about buying her shows that came before this one..ITs 100% obviouse she lost alot of weight and has been working out hard on this new card she is REDICULOUS! 6 pack of abs but her legs still nice and thick and more toned...her waist to ass ratio is ABSURD!!! definitly happy with this new card.... k im gonna go jerk off now - enjoy this one guys. def dont take her other cards as a platform to judge this one.. just buy it shes incredible. also heels on the whole time!!!!!!!!
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