Lovely Latina by

Katrina Moreno

 4.47 (83 votes)

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Joined in Mar 2009

177 comment(s)
29 days ago
Great. Finally ashow with an oriental style. Love the anklet. Perhaps next time she can do a show with a harem style outfit, e.g. a bellydance outfit. That would fit her perfectly. Love the anklet. If I had a her for none night, I'd start down at those toes kissing and licking, and then slowly go up until I'm locked and lost in her pretty eyes. More of this Katrina. Can't wait for the bellydance show. That would be something!
Joined in Jul 2013

136 comment(s)
27 days ago
Her show performance has improved since before. She's definitely more energetic and has better facial expressions. Let's see how she finishes her next deck.
Joined in Jul 2008

449 comment(s)
20 days ago
So happy to see the buxom Ms. Moreno back on our stage. I'm watching her beautiful, swaying movements while listening to Ravel's Bolero. Her bountiful bosom and lusciously curved hips give more potency to the exoticly erotic rhythms of the music. More please ...!
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