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December 12, 2018
Best comment - Paulina by OLIVERLOKKY - Photographer

A lot of transparency tricks in this private dance style strip. Paulina will look straight in your eyes with a serious face that would be impossible to handle in a real strip club.
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December 12, 2018
This show counts 20 clips divided in Standing 6, Pole 6, Behind TB 2 and On TB 6. No touching/rubbing.

No bare feet. Starting Nude (no panties) one Standing, one Pole and one TB clip.

This is the second show of Paulina in red. The dress is very sexy; you see her panties through it and her pointed erect nipples.

With the platform heels it’s difficult moving. Models stay more or less at the same place and don’t use the whole stage.

So this happens also to Paulina. Real dancing is very difficult. Her basic routine is the snakewoman style or the dancing flame.

Like a candlightflame softly dances in a darkened room, in that way Paulina dances slowly and seductive.

In the Standing clips she does also some floorwork, which is quite spectacular (#17 and #18). Taskbar clips were great. Polework not special, but good.

I was happy that Paulina was not just looking serious, but also laughs from time to time.

Altogether another excellent show of Paulina. Since Paulina is both flame and star, the Song of the Show will be Flaming Star by Elvis Presley:

”Ev'ry man, has a flaming star- A flaming star, over his shoulder - And when a man, sees his flaming star - He knows his time, his time has come“
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December 13, 2018
Paulina is always a 5 for sure. I want yoga pants though
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