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Joined in Sep 2012

171 comment(s)
12 days ago
Best comment Yelena shows some good skills at the pole dance. She is naked feet all long.
Joined in Dec 2017

20 comment(s)
12 days ago
This outfit is on point, I would have loved black high heels, never the less, she is still beautiful
Joined in Oct 2009

617 comment(s)
12 days ago
Outstandingly beautiful and a real pleasure to watch.

Yelena is way better than the ratings she has received.

Poor stage direction by Totem called her eyes attention

away from the camera too much in her early cards. Here

Yelena excels in her friendly, relaxing style with plenty

of Real Full Nudity to savor. I hope she comes back. 5+^85
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