A Slim Chance by

Maria Rubio

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August 17, 2018
Best comment - Maria Rubio by OLIVERLOKKY - Photographer

How cute is Maria here !! Playing with her skirt and make it float, revealing her panty…and more
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August 17, 2018
This show counts 17 clips divided in Standing 6, Pole 5 and On TB 6. Many times bare feet. No touching or rubbing.

Starting Nude one clip standing and RFN one taskbar clip. RFN = wearing nothing.

Mario Rubio is an old favorite of me from other sites. In the voting poll she didn’t have the highest score.

Not all the voters saw her incredible beauty, but Totem did (!) and despite the result of the voting,

invited her to the studio, when I had given up all the hope she would ever be there. Thanks, @Celine!

Rubio is the Spanish word for blond and Maria is not only very, very blond but also very, very pretty.

Since the first photoshoot I ever saw of Maria Rubio, I was fascinated by her. I think it’s her slightly melancholic, refined look.

All of her female charm is presented by Totem in this card. She is a lady in every way.

Everything is extremely beautiful about Maria: face, hair, breasts, belly, butt, legs, ivory skin and well shaven pussy.

The outfit of blouse, skirt and high heels all contribute to showing the essence of Maria. Very nice to see her breasts and nipples peeking in the blouse.

In all her photoshoots before I never saw Maria laughing, but her she does. Totem did it!

I was totally absorbed watching her show in all type of clips: standing, pole and taskbar.

Playing with her skirt, playing with her panties, showing her body.

Clip 14 was for me the best of all: Maria starts naked with the high heels on, what is a sight to see.

Then she turns and you see that incredible butt. Later she strips the heels.

Maria is for me the most beautiful and fascinating of all in 2018!!!
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August 17, 2018
Sexy woman in a great outfit... even although there's no attempt at dancing in this card, I can't bring myself to mark it down (better this than a poor dance IMO).

We. Need. More. Outfits. Like. This.
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