Heart of Glass by

Margo Dumas

 3.9 (145 votes)

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August 17
Best comment - Margo Dumas by OLIVERLOKKY - Photographer

A lot of lascivious moves while she looks straight in your eyes…enjoy
Joined in Apr 2008

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September 13
WOW!!!! I bought this entire set during the buy 4 get 1 back sale. I was reading about the no pussy showing and immediately was outraged. Then I checked the card out and man she is the definition of sometimes less is more. She is playful and has innocence that is truthly rare these day.

I did I gave a very non-explicit card 5 stars and I don't regret it. Surprised the hell out of me.
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September 9
To clarify earlier comments, Margo *does* show her pussy. The clips show the extent of nudity that you would expect to see if a beautiful, shaven girl clad only in high heels walked toward you from across the room. She does not limit her full nudity scenes to only side views or keep her hands glued over her crotch while dancing. I took a chance on this card and was pleasantly surprised with it.

However, it's true that Margo does not spread her pussy or provide explicit views of it in body positions where it would typically be on full display. For example, when briefly spreading her legs in a table clip, Margo coyly blocks that area with her hands and gives the viewer a silly smile. I have not yet watched all the clips, but I haven't seen her bent over with a clear view from behind, nor do I expect to given what I've seen so far. Neither of those are a deal breaker for me given Margo's beautiful body, her sultry eye contact and her broad, engaging smile.

Personally, I enjoyed watching Margo in her Heart of Glass performance and will be putting a couple more of her cards on my wish list. I've rated this card 0.5 stars short of a perfect rating because I would like to see her with more energy and more finesse on the pole (*heh*), but that might come with more experience. Thanks, @Totem, for introducing us to Margo and continuing to give us a wide variety of beauty and performing styles from which to choose.
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