Turning Heads by

Georgie Lyall

 4.56 (192 votes)

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Joined in Nov 2013

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July 20
Nice to see such a Sexy Lady from Glascow, where half of my blood comes from. I am a little biased, so what ,she is rated 4.73 ! I would love to see her in the next Bond Movie!
Joined in Jul 2013

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July 14
So basically my head turned so hard my neck broke...but how am I still alive??? It's a miracle!!! @_@
Joined in Nov 2017

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July 13
Bit of a wierd tanning situation, and her figure is starting to go (she's probably over 34), but still not bad, and I support more mature performers (upper 20s to mid 30s), as the very young ones tend to be too skinny for me.
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