Playing The Field by

Hilary C

 4.68 (100 votes)

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Joined in Sep 2012

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5 days ago
Best comment -HILARY C by OLIVERLOKKY- Photographer

Such a pleasure and a good choice to shoot this outfit with her ! She was having a lot of fun between the takes and gave EVERYTHING during the shooting : Crazy pole dance, stunning flexible moves and the way how she managed to play with the ball left us speechless...
Joined in Apr 2017

100 comment(s)
4 days ago
Another title for Hillary's comeback card could be that c 1970 rock song "This Girl is a Woman Now." She still has that girlish smile and playfulnees but she has a very sensuous womanly look when she gets serious.

I will be there to update my complete Hillary collection as soon as each of her new cards come out.
Joined in Nov 2010

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5 days ago
Not only is she outrageously pretty, but she has been practising on the pole and, I suspect, reviewing her previous performances. The moves on this card are so much more elegant than her previous cards. She uses the ball well and her reaction when she loses control of it are charming. This card is an instant favourite. We'll all be enjoying it long after the football hooha has died down - good job Totem and brilliant show Hilary!
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