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Candy Alexa

 4.37 (118 votes)

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Joined in Apr 2011

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July 6
I like her show, it is sexy show. I like to see more of Candy Alexa. Over all I rate this card at 4 Stars.
Joined in Feb 2011

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August 21
To be honest, I had no interest in her ealier cards. Sometimes a woman gets sexier with a little age on them. Candy certainly has! Now, I find myself collecting these new shows because now she has my full attention!
Joined in May 2018

27 comment(s)
August 19
If Candy's from Moscow, how come it says Hungary on her card? I's not a problem though as Russian and Hungarian girls are my joint first favs, followed in second place by Ukrainians, then Latvians, then Czechs and then all the rest
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