Intense Heat by

Tiffany Tatum

 4.15 (71 votes)

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Joined in Jun 2012

75 comment(s)
13 days ago
Got this shoe after I saw tiffany online in other places doing acrobatic and flexible/sexy things. In this card they put her in obnioxious heels...(i am a show man) but the these heels stopped her from doing anything. She was afraid to be acrobatic, bouncing, move on the table, squat...all that she could do was stand... and shake her butt while standing straight up. There was one 5 second moment where she showed her ass...she is a talented girl but this card needs to be a skipped by everybody so totem is more careful with outfit decisions. She needs to be barefeet exclusively.
Joined in Aug 2010

52 comment(s)
12 days ago
She has a nice butt and knows how to show it off. Definitely keeping watch for her future shows
Joined in Jan 2009

3 comment(s)
12 days ago
One of the best show I've seen in awhile. I'm a legs guy. I loveee women with nice legs. She has amazing leg and she flaunts those babies all around. Great ass which she shakes. Just became one of my favorite cards!!!!
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