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Joined in Sep 2012

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6 days ago
Best comment - ARIEL A by ETHAN ANGUS - Photographer

This dress is so small either it shows upskirt, either it shows nipples ! But Ariel had to choose what she wanted to hide !! (or reveal !). Very sexy open crotch panties too !
Joined in Apr 2017

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4 days ago
She did not top her last card, which was one of the best ever by anyone I've seen here, but this is still 5 stars. Being a legs/feet lover, I usually deduct half a star for no bare feet, but I make exception here because she moved well even in those huge heels and she laughed at herself when she almost lost balance.

I agree that many of her outfits have been strange but she still comes out with top ratings in spite of them. When she finally gets it right there, we'll need a 6th star.
Joined in May 2010

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7 days ago
The dress is obviously made to tease - too tight at the top and too short at the bottom.

Invites to panty-less insights - and we get them deliverd!

Ariel A performs this tease with her flawless curves to perfection and with joy.

Thanks you!
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