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Silvia Dellai

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April 20, 2018
This show counts 19 clips divided in Standing 5, Pole 5, Behind TB 3 and On TB 6. Rubbing and/or touching in some clips.

Starting Nude (at least no panties) : clip 7, 12, 13, 14, 18 and 19. Several times removing of the stockings in the tableclips.

If I had followed my direct impulses and had said no to Silvia, because of implants, tattoo’s and suspenderbelt, then I would have made a big mistake.

Silvia is a real dancer with among the best paces and arm/hand movements on iStripper.

She could have been a female rocksinger - a kind of Grace Slick of The jefferson Airplane, but then in the twenty-first century.

I’m sure she has watched and seen many singers and their performance on stage.

Silvia is The Rebel, Rebel of David Bowie. It would have great to dance with her on a festival like Lowlands Paradise or Pink Pop Festival.

She is 100%, no holding back. When she laughs, you see how much pleasure she has doing her show.

If you see only tattoo’s, don’t buy this show; if you like a model who can dance, buy this show.

Silvia is my personal Talent of the Month April 2018.
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April 20, 2018
Silvia is probablycapable of fulfilling the sexual appetite of very many guys all at once!
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July 13, 2018
For some reason she doesn't look very happy in this card. But when she does break out her occassional smile it makes your heart jump.
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